Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Great inexpensive and original gifts for Christmas – how to find and where to buy?

For Children
1) Baskets with crayons, coloring books, paints, and brushes
2) Baskets with Barbie dolls, various outfits for the dolls, and some costume jewelry for the girl to dress up in.
3) Baskets with toy cars, fire engines, police cars, include some accessories to dress up as a policeman, fireman, or doctor. They love to use their imaginations and dress up while playing with their cars!

For Woman
1) Basket with bubble bath, bath salts, candle, soothing music cd, and a door hanger that says "DO NOT DISTURB" You can also include a wine glass, bottle of wine, and a magazine or book for them to read while relaxing.
2) Basket with baking goods - Get a recipe that you think they will enjoy baking. Measure out all of the ingredients for them and place in small jars, or sealed in Ziploc bags inside of decorative Xmas gift bags. Cut out the recipe and place on a colored piece of construction paper.
3) Basket with a various beauty supplies - Hair accessories, mirror, makeup, nail files, nail polish, and a manicure set.

For Men
1) Basket filled with fishing accessories - fish lures, fishing filet knife, gloves, and thermos. There are lots of things that you can include when shopping if not sure look for the unusual things in the isle. I just did one of these baskets and found a sunglass holder that attaches to the belt buckle, hand wipes that take away the smell of fish, and a night bobber that lights up when fishing in the dark to attract fish. The recipient loved it and said that they were things that he would have never of thought to buy for himself but would definitely come in use!
2) Basket filled with various golfing accessories - again there are a lot of unusual things that you can find in the sports isle that men wouldn't necessarily buy for themselves but would come in handy.
3) Basket filled with his favorite magazines or books. Will give him plenty to read when he has the extra time!

* If completely stumped get a gift card from the mall in their area. This way they are not limited on where to shop.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas:

Practical Gifts

Inexpensive Christmas gifts

Socks & Underwear; Scarf, Gloves & Hat; School supplies; Books

Not Too Expensive Christmas gifts

Coat/Jacket; Clothing; Boots, Shoes, Sneakers; Donation in a person's name

Expensive Christmas gifts

Computer; Furniture; Kitchen Appliances

Impractical Gifts


Comic books; Cheap Make-up Kit; Video Games; Cheap toy/doll

Not Too Expensive

Better Make-up Kit; Bicycle/Tricycle; Fancy/Fashion Clothing; Toys & Dolls


Video Game System; Leather/Mink Jacket; Automobile

Religious Gifts


Small charm; Religious token; Religious books

Not Too Expensive

Religious charm; Set of Religious books; Religious Articles


Airline tickets to holy cities; Large solid gold religious charms/jewelry

Hope these ideas help make your Christmas shopping a little less stressful and a lot more enjoyable! Have a Merry Christmas.


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