Affordable Gifts for Children of Any Age

Cheap Christmas Gifts for Children

All people love gifts, children adore them especially, being it for Christmas or for other holiday. They adore love toys but there are a lot of other things that they may like or want to receive as a Christmas gift. If you know which are the most popular toys on the market or simply know what your kids want, it would be easy for you to choose.

Sometimes it’s very hard to choose a gift for a kid but with the multitude of choices and a little help from us you could choose the perfect Christmas gift. If you’re lack in good ideas take a look at the offers we’ve selected.

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Choose as a gift Safari Ltd Zoo Babies and let your kid open his own zoo. It includes rhino baby, alligator baby, hippo baby, polar bear cub, panda cub, giraffe calf, zebra foal, tiger cub, gorilla baby, leopard cub, chimpanzee baby, elephant calf. Each figure is professionally sculpted and finely hand painted, is safe to use because of the sizes and because all the figures are phthalate-free.

For origami and star wars fans here is a great gift Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

LEGO City Off Road Fire Rescue is a good gift for boys. It includes fire chief's off-road fire rescue truck, trailer, and lots of great firefighting equipment. It also include an authentic fire chief figure.

Spot It is a game designed for all ages and packaged in a travel size tin. Spot It contains four fast and challenging mini-party games in which all players play at the same time. It helps develop visual perception and matching skills, supports quick mental processing and sharpens cognitive skills in a fun way.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle is a puzzle set that contain 45 mixand match pieces to assemble mom, dad and baby bear. It’s fun to change their clothes, expressions. It’s great for story telling.

Sassy Bathtime Fun Appliques - 84 Piece is made of lightweight child safe foam and includes letter from A to Z and numbers from 0 to 9. May be applied to most tub surfaces.

LeapFrog Touch Magic Learning Bus – teach the child that learning alphabet may be very fun. It contains early vocabulary, learning songs and gives possibility to improve motor skills. Just a simple switching between three modes allows the child to explore the toy: learning, letter exploration and music. Is great for children above 2 years.

Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden
Let your kids witness one of the most spectacular transformations: from caterpillar to butterflies. The garden is an exciting habitat and makes an amazing introduction to the miracles of nature.

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier is a fantastic truck that picks up and delivers 4 colorful cars. Kids would be fond of such a gift.

Gund Boo- World's Cutest Dog from Gund 9 IN - the world's most huggable since 1898. It can make a great gift for children of any age.
ThinkFun Rush Hour – is a great game for all the family. It has been recognized as one of the best toys of 25 years. Traffic challenge with 4 levels of difficulty requires strategy, concentration and planning. It’s fun and it exercises the brain.

DVDs, Video Games  and Movies for Kids

Let your kid watch amazing and interesting stories on holiday’s theme. Blue's Clues - Blue's First Holiday would impress any child.

Arthur’s Perfect Christmas is one of those amazing movies that you can watch with all the family.

If you know the child is a fan of everything about Toy Story, Toy Story 3 The Video Game may be the perfect choice for a Christmas gift.

Dreamworks Holiday Classics (Merry Madagascar / Shrek the Halls / Gift of the Night Fury). Also includes Donkey's Caroling Christmas-tacular.


The Christmas Quiet Book a great gift for any toddler or preschooler. It has adorable characters and a quiet story line.

The Unofficial LEGO Builder's Guide- and the Lego lover would learn to construct even better models, make playable board games, create photo mosaic and more
Watches and Jewelry

Frenzy Kids' FR2004 Butterfly Critter Face With Purple Rubber Band Watch – quality quartz movement. Any girl would adore it.

Timex Kids' T89022 Time Teacher Analog Flowers Elastic Fabric Strap Watch is a cute watch for a girl and may be the perfect gift at Christmas.

Frenzy Kids' FR2000 Monkey Critter Face with Magenta Rubber Band Watch

Ladybug Crystal Pendant Necklace in Gift Box

Children’s Girls Jewelry 3pc Pink Pearl Set Bracelet, Necklace & Earrings for Girls.

Jewelry Holder, Jewelry Stand for Earrings / Necklaces / Bracelets


Cheap and affordable Christmas gift shopping for your mom, dad, in-laws, siblings, significant other or best friend. Great inexpensive ideas for gift giving. Gifts for Christmas comes in many different varieties for men, women and kids. Buy the best Christmas gifts from a wide range of collection. Choose among baskets, toys, ornaments, lights, electronic items and many more gift item. Christmas will be here before you know it. Don't wait till the last minute!