Tips for Holiday Shopping Season

Smart Holiday shopping - online Holiday shopping

It’s November and Thanksgiving is very close, approaching with big steps. The spirit of Holiday is in the air as Halloween passed by and we are ready for another significant holiday for us all. I could say
that after Halloween the holidays are growing in their importance coming to the final point which is Christmas, for other the climax will be Valentine’s Day.

Thanksgiving is giving us the occasion to show our care and love to the people we love and it’s a really necessary holiday especially for those who don’t have many possibilities to see very often their families. It’s a holiday that gathers families and hearts and only Christmas can really compete in that with Thanksgiving Day. It became a rule and a necessity to give and receive gifts in these special holidays and there’s nothing more beautiful than seeing that people really like and appreciate your gifts. That’s why it’s very important to properly choose the ‘right gifts’ for people you care about.

Avoiding crowds you may do your shopping online. Feel the power and light of Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Holiday shopping tips

Create A Holiday Shopping Budget And Stick With It.Don’t Buy On Impulse. Don’t Fall For The No Payment Financing Offers. Don’t Buy Extended Warranties. Give The Gift Of Savings. Search for promo-codes before buying. Get free shipping on everything

Be creative with your gift giving: Instead of giving someone a $100 gift, be creative and find a way to give them a nice $25 gift instead. Make them something handmade (like a themed gift basket or cookies), cook them dinner, etc.

Be Patient and Look for Deals – The bad economy means that all retailers are marking down their merchandise in a huge way.  Shop around at different stores and chances are you will find what you are looking for at a lower price!

Don’t Buy More than You Need – Never fall for those offers that seem like a bargain but need you to buy additional products.  If you need only one, never go for the “buy one get one free” offers!

Find Alternatives – When a similar product goes on sale, try to see if the savings is worth the trade off.  Sometimes, the product on sale might be selling for less and be even better than the one you were going to get!

Get organized for next year: After the holidays, commit to saving for next year. Divide the total amount you spent this year (or the amount you would like to spend next year, whether higher or lower) by 12, and save that much money for each of the next 12 months. Make your shopping list early, and buy throughout the year whenever you find deals, or spot a special item that’s perfect for someone on your list. Organization is key to minimizing spending! Maybe by this time next year, you can join the ranks of those done with their holiday shopping.


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